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A Cracked Egg in 3D

A Cracked Egg in 3D

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The recipe below is for the single fried egg nail design in the below set. Before you begin, don’t forget to prepare your nail surface with a DIY nail cleanser!

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Tips & Tricks

This nail art tutorial can help you practice a simple technique to create 3D designs within your nail art. This is one of the most simple 3D techniques available that does not require an additional investment in silicone molds or 4D gels.

This 3D technique uses sculpting gel. Sculpting gel is a thicker gel that is usually used to lengthen (or what is often called ‘sculpt’ in the industry) nails. When mixed with a colored gel polish, we create a thick colored gel that can maintain a shape. As a result, this mixture can be applied to the nail to create 3-dimensional nail art that enhances your nail designs. For purposes of this tutorial, we will demonstrate the technique by re-creating a simple fried egg!


The Look

The Full Set - Another Look

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