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Essential tools - Nail art brushes
These Essential Tools Are All You need to Get Started with DIY Nail Art

These essential tools are all you need to get started for DIY nail art at home.

Floating flowers set with reference
Floating Flowers

Learn how to DIY bouquet of flowers on your nails, with this easy nail art tutorial!

From concept to nail art - how to come up with creative nail art ideas and designs
How to consistently come up with creative nail art ideas
This 3-part nail art design process hasn't yet let me down. It's something that I…
Beach day using nail art marbling technique
A Relaxing Beach Day using a Marbling Technique
The nail art tutorial below is for the single waves nail design in the above…
How to do DIY nail art - a nail art tutorial on creating depth with a layering technique
Soft Plaid: Creating Depth with Layers

This plaid nail design provides a simple yet effective way to demonstrate how to create the illusion of depth.

A Cracked Egg in 3D

This nail art tutorial is intended to help you practice a simple technique to create 3D designs within your nail art. This is one of the most simple 3D techniques available without having to invest in silicone molds or 4D gels.

Nail art tutorial for the Angler Fish
The Angler Fish: Detailed Handpainted Nail Design

This nail art tutorial provides a useful guide for you to recreate the nail design for the angler fish, an iconic deep-sea creature.

Nail cleanser
DIY Nail Prep Cleanser

If you’ve ever struggled with being able to ensure that your nail polish lasts for a long time, chances are that you’re not properly cleansing your nails before application. Here’s a DIY nail cleanser to assist with your nail prep.

How to Halloween in a Pandemic

This nail design focuses a bit more on the ‘living’ part of Halloween, when the boundary between the living and the dead is blurred. The bright green background symbolizes life, renewal and growth, while the golden bat symbolizes abundance, courage and love.

Nail design for the Book of Roger
The Book of Pleasant Journeys Into Faraway Lands

A nail design inspired by a 15-year project commonly known as “The Book of Roger”, which resulted in a single map of the known world in 1154.